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The Core Issues of Loving Your LGBTQ Child

Loving Your LGBTQ Child and Strengthening Your Faith!


Susan Cottrell

True Colors: The truth & beauty of the real you!

Restoring yourself as an LGBTQI person: Mending religious, family and community wounds. Includes a PDF copy of Susan's book!


Susan Cottrell

For Parents, LGBTQI & the Faith Community

Freeing Hearts to Love, Heal and Affirm

For Parents

Available Now!

"Mom, I'm Gay!" When your child reveals that he or she is attracted to the same sex, how you respond may have a lot to do with your faith. Doesn't the Bible say it's wrong? Will we have to leave our church? Worst of all, you may wonder, Do I have to choose between my Christian faith & my child?

Susan Cottrell is a mom who has been there and wants you to know
that loving and accepting your gay child does not mean abandoning or
even compromising your faith. This comprehensive course addresses core issues parents of LGBTQ children face - freeing your heart to unconditionally love, accept, and affirm your child and strengthen your faith!


Available Now!

Helping LGBTQ heal from hurts that have been inflicted by parents, family, church, and your communities. This comprehensive course will help LGBTQ people bridge gaps, restore relationships, and learn how to celebrate the truth and beauty of their genuine self. Learn how to restore and affirm yourself and free your heart to love and be loved as you deserve.

"For anyone who has been spiritually hurt by the church, by parents or family members, this is a personal, intimate, powerful tool for genuine self-healing." - Meghan Stabler, National Board of Directors, The Human Rights Campaign.

"Radically Included"

Available Soon!

"Radically Included!" - The Biblical Case for Radical Love and Inclusion: 49 Verses that Will Change Your Life and Change Your Love!

This very special course will explore God's love for people, people's love for God, and people's love for each other. We will discuss love in community and love without fear.

The "clobber passages" will be unclobbered and replaced with a deeper understanding of scripture, the life and teachings of Jesus, and the heart of God - so your heart can be freed to love and be loved - as you deserve!